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PPD Free Hair Colour Testimonials at Smart Beauty

PPD Free Hair Colour Testimonials at Smart Beauty- what some of our happy customers have said about us (we have abbreviated their genuine names to protect their privacy):

I am so happy to find a hair colouring product that is NOT tested on animals. I have not coloured my hair for nearly 3 months because I could not find cruelty free range.
S Mitchell

Dear sir (or madam),
I have just used your wonderful hair-colour Smart-Blonde shade Total Blonde. I am aged 75 and over the years have used about all known brands- I am naturally blonde, but this colour is superb! Someone said "had Trevor Sorbie or Charles Worthington done it!" but I said "no! get to superdrug and buy Smart Beauty colours!" Thank you for a great product,
Yours Faithfully,
J Dawson

Dear whom it may concern,
I have used your product now on over 40 people freinds and family including myself. I also use your product to dye 100% hair extensions as its the only product I know that covers 100%.
So with that in mind I would like to say thank you for bringing Smart Colour to our shelves, a brilliant product, well done,
Yours Sincerely,
L. Randles

I was thrilled to finally find a good hair dye/bleach that was not tested on animals.
-Well done! I will tell my friends! :)
J Golding

I just wanted to drop a note to say I desperately need cheering up, its monday so who doesn't, so was in superdrug and seen this hair dye. Now, i've dyed my hair millions of times but although it ook three boxes to coat my hair i'm amaized how vibrant and glossy my hair turned out. Usually these things never turn out like on the box but this is even better....Thanks xxx (Smart Colour Pure Purple)
S Summers

To whom it may concern
I am writing to you to let you know that I think your products are brilliant, the best ones I have used. I have just used your Blonde and your Pinkcolours and have dyed the top Blonde and the bottom Pink,
Many thanks,
A Thompson

I have been using smart high lights in Carmine pink and I love the colour very much.
D Bowditch

I found that this colour was the perfect colour for my strawberry blonde hair! (Pure Purple highlights)
M Chard

To whom it concerns, I wish to express my gratitude for the trully great product I recently purchased whilst on holiday in wales. I am so happy with the result of my newly pink coloured hair. can i purchase your products anywhere here in ireland?
many thanks
S Culley

Not Tested on Animals"...music to my ears and I'm getting very excited about your hair colour, Many thanks.
H Davies

I love your semi-permanent purple hair colour
M Mingay

Hello again, I have just done my hair and used the Champagne toner, and am well pleased
Dave and Lee

Have already ordered more toners in Ash and Platinum.
Dave and Lee

Hi ****,
Many thanks - have now printed it off and heading for the bathroom.
May try Platinum Blonde next time, as if can get my hair the same colour.as your leaflet, that would be great, and save me 80 euro at hairdressers.
thank you so much, you are one of the most user friendly companies in UK that I have had dealings with since moving here.
kindest regards

I love your range of hair colouring products and always bought them in superdrug as I always used the Carmine Pink or Intense Red highlighting kits. Please could you let me know where in Cambridge, Cambs i can purchase the mentioned colour highlight kits.
Many thanks
B Cafferkey

I really like the bright colours and have used your product recently.
Z Goodwin

Great product great price excellent results....Brilliant! from jordanne age 13yrs. mum did it using Carmine Pink.
J Atkinson

Thank you again for your reply, as so many companies (usually the very big stores) don’t even bother to reply to any emails.
kindest regards

Hello. I myself have been to the uk several times, and have always bought Smart Colour. And i LOVE IT!

Hi, my name is Louise and I'm a sales assistant for ****. I love your hair dyes and use them all the time and also actively sell them to customers as I find them the best and well suited for all hair types. thanks for your time
L Wightman

Love the colour (Smart Blonde Platinum)
thank you
T Pomeroy

Thank you for your excellent range in affordable hair products. I have been using your products for the past 18 months with no problems
C Hunt

Hi im just writing to say how much I love your hair colours I like dye my hair like every other week with your hair coulours
k Hughrs

So it makes sense to use a reputable, ethical, safe hair colouring for your requirements. Smart Beauty is the award winning market leader- and the even better news is that their products are very competitively priced. You can see for yourself at the Smart Beauty Online Shop .
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